Our collaboration with the one and only Eileen Fisher who’s been at the forefront of sustainable fashion for over 10 years. She’s collected over a million of her own pieces from her customers since 2008 and renewing the life-span of these garments through her upcycled collections. She graciously took us under her wing and opened up her Tiny Factory in Irvington, NY to share their renewal process and best practices in design and production. Along the way we developed a 5 piece capsule that features vintage silks, wools and denim as well as her own privately developed felting technique that turns factory floor scraps into a new cut-able fabric.

Over the course of the summer we learned how to properly disassemble old garments, reverse engineer patterns to optimize fabric yield, and fully utilize every inch for a #zerowaste process. The entire experience has been inspiring and eye-opening to say the least, not only learning a new way to design but rethinking he we create and subsequently consume.

We’re super grateful to Eileen and her entire team for sharing their wealth of experience and information. No one company or designer will be able to tackle the effects our industry continues to leave on our climate and environment on their own so the spirit of this collaboration is to prove that we all must work together to make a change. And the change is coming. Shout out to all the great brands and designers already doing amazing work to help evolve our industry.