Throughout the last year we've made some pretty big changes to our business. In an effort to tell our brand story in the best AND PUREST way possible, we transitioned from a traditional wholesale model and are now officially direct-to-consumer ONLY. This wasn't an easy process but we felt like it was the right choice to make. What this means is that the only way to get our product is directly from us. This also means that we solely control how and what we design AND develop, when we drop and release product, and most importantly how we communicate with you.

Welcome to 2019.

New Year. New Public School.

In the face of our growing and insatiable appetite for new stuff we’ve also prioritized social consciousness above anything else. We’ve committed to only making things we really believe in and not because we have to fill a rack. We’re choosing to only use deadstocked fabric or fabric made from 100% or blends of recycled fibers whenever possible. That means we aren’t developing or milling any “new” textiles. We’ve collaborated with some of our favorite brands like Nike, Levi’s, Timberland and the NBA and have pushed them to help us further explore the idea of social responsibility and upcycling in all of our drops. We've also been selected to participate in the CFDA + LEXUS Fashion Initiative which is a virtual residency with the primary goal of facilitating steps to measurable progress in the journey to sustainability. We'll learn how to navigate fashion's complex supply chain and make informed, strategic design and business decisions using a triple bottom line approach — valuing people, planet and profit holistically.

Basically we're finding ways to be more thoughtful about our impact and how to invest in our collective future. Whether it's developing new circular fabrics that use recycled fibers as their main content, that can eventually be recycled and added back into the pool of raw materials or trying to change the way we consume, it goes beyond just creating a range of “sustainable” product. So we encourage you to buy things because you love them, not because you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t. We understand how crazy it might sound for a clothing company to tell you not to buy that new pair of pants or dress but we believe we can make less clothes and focus on purpose, quality and things that will last you a lifetime. And we can accomplish that through constructing a better product through better practices that leave a smaller footprint on the environment. We know we can’t make a dent on our own which is why we're partnering with trade groups and other like-minded brands on raising awareness throughout our industry.

While there may be an infinite desire for the next new thing we know that there isn’t an infinite supply of raw materials. We’ve only got one world so let's act like our lives depend on it. Happy New Year!